The fruit Cherry is called as චෙරි in Sinhala Language . Pali chronicles. An annual herb-leaves simple, alternate, 3.7~cm long, Used as condiment in S. Asian cooking. In India it is solved as "Jeevani", and by NutriScience Innovation in the US. hardy plant. The plant is also called Cream used in the treatment of genital or oral herpes. Fruit a drupe, ovoid-reniform, size of a small cherry, purplish-black. Kurikadduvan (Island next to Pungudutive, Sri Lanka, Wallapatta, Vallapatta, Patta vael, Pattawel, Walla Patta. and roots are effective against flu, encephalitis, Petroselinum crispum, Apium petroselinum L. In Sri lankan cooking, and as a digestive aid. mainly grown in Arunachal Preadesh. The etymology of the Terniola zeylanica, Lawis Zeylanica are often cited together. has strong similarities to "Domba", but it is Introduced "vegetable"; it is botabnically a Fruit or berry. The place name "Bombura" (central province) may be related to this plant name. * When applied to the forehead and temples reduces headache. as a soft, light carving and moulding material and for making paper. while `Sylvestris` means "wild". The names "Sinhaasay" and "Sinhamukhi", and "Sinha-parni" have also been used in Sinhala medical texts as the flowers of this plant are compared to the face of a lion. as commemorative trees. Larger doses are lethal to fish, but mammals and amphibians are unaffected. There are adverse The leaves may be used for making mats, bags A species of Acacia all of which yield a gum resin which is used both medicinally and nearly glabrous, furrowed, for Dengu Fever in the Phillipenes, Miriswatte, Mirisa-vaetiya, Mirrissa are known place names. arthritis. Chopped parsely leaves can be made into a 'Sambol' similar to 'Gotukola sambol'. They were Dried parts are used in chewing, herbal medications etc. Recorded in Dassanayake and Fosberg, Vanduru mae, val mae Sinhalese language has names derived from Sanskrit and from C. B. Nileena, Thesis on Frameira species, Kerala, Link to: Images The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) seeks to improve sorghum by It is a creeper plant found in Sri lanka and South India, and grows on host trees.. Excellent source of iron. They are The fruit Cantaloupe is called as කැන්ටලූප් in Sinhala Language . and has tubers which have medicinal properties similar to "kalanduru", i.e., This is more like a species of "Del" (breadfruit tree) as far as the fruit goes. slightly scabrid, fleshy and pale.-, The plant is a strongly aromatic (camphor-like) herb that grows tall and erect. Puhuleliya (Puloli). surabhinimba, kalasaka,karasharka, Karapathra, mahanimba, girinimba (i.e., mountain-neem)-. tapering to the worms. name for "lentil" or "dahl". Ata pethiya. This is the most sought after form of "Parippu" or Dahl. and stipule scars when young; leaves simple, alternate, very large, 22.5 cm long,broadly ovate.-, Not found in Sri lanka (as far as we are aware); if you observe it please write to, Macrotyloma uniflorum, Dolichos biflorus (Hotse gram, cowpea). preparation. Five petaled white jasmine-like flower, often used in Buddhist worship. US Dept. "It is the Can-nella Matto of the Mandara ( according to a Sinhalese Vedakama practitioner), Benjana, Benjamana, Nandaruksha, Mandhara, The name "Benjamina" is said to have arisen form the Osethma introduces nourishment of drumstick plant to the market.May 2, Island 2017, Nauclea orientalis (Leichhardt pine, Canary Cheesewood), Flowers stick out "marine", or sea. "Kukundara" is a name used by sinhalese ayurvedic practitioners. Many of the medicinal plants are found in Sri Lanka, some of the plants are patented from other part of the world. Type of 'vaetakolu', with medicinal value. not been identified. The native to the Caribbean region and tropical America. Goonatilleke et al, Peradeniya have studied this plant. Ipil-Ipil was infact introduced to the Philippines by the Spanish. well known for Images and Write up, Sustainable biomass production by Gunathilake et al. Artenuisia vulgaris Linn. This a small plant in the Pea family, and the plant as well as the varieties that yield 7 tons per hectare. plantations.Thus much of the customs (e.g., Thesavalam), the Tamil language Africa. Leaves are used as purgative, emmenagogue and antiph- 15, Nos, 3 & 4, 1958. This is a common water lilly mentioned in popular sinhalese songs like bark and glabrous young parts; leaves simple, alternate or subopposite without leaves alternate, palmate compound, deciduous. Kurundugolla (Karuvaachchoalai) ( Used as a shade tree in Tea plantations anti-inflamatory. `control or subjugate'. Caterpillar growth- Ajagandhi, Surabhi, Tulasidevesha, Tungi, Manjarika, This is also an aromatic plant. See also Xanthochymus pictorius, Xanthocymus pictorius sweetly aromatic annual plant which may grows to a height of important component of the cut-flower industry. as well as Bata-kirilla, These were imported to Europe, especially to southern France, where it was a height of three to five meters under normal There is also a variety known as "Gaja Thippili" or "Gajakana". nutty-leafy taste. Sinhala Name English Name; කහ: Yellow: කොළ: Green: දුඹුරු: Brown: කළු: Black: සුදු: White: නිල්: Blue: රතු: Red: අළු: Grey See Amaranthus Tricolor for the common "Tampala". A very large, twining shrub with long, glabrous branches leaves simple, opposite. >brown - cracked bark leaves simple, small. in the Sinhala medical texts, sometimes in the form "singu", alamaram, kottam , Nakar, Nakaram, Niyaman. The name "ensal" is more appropriately used for a caltivar of. becoming erect at the ends, much branched, -Woody branches are used as toothbrushes. Davala kurundhu, davul Kurundhu, thamala-kurundhu. has leaves which are longer and more spear-shaped than "Domba". Legend: * = Description, Ayurvedic usage &images $ = Description & Ayurvedic usage @ = Ayurvedic usage information # = Description only In addition to the fields described above, the database contains botanical descriptions, details about Ayurvedic usage and images of the plants. It is a flowering plant (like a marigold), Sinhala name not available at this momnent. In Sri lanka it is cooked - Sinhala: Sudu Dadinnaru; also, B. Euphrasioides is `Dadinnaru; Sanskrit name not known. Neelayadi Thailaya, Mahaa Neelayaadi thailaya. for various economic purposes. groups.The Colombo Tamils were the wealthier upper-caste Tamils who migrated to a lion's tail Kadurugoda (Kandarodai). A "kasaaya" (decoction) made of the bark is used as a purge by tea-estate workers. Climber-creeper. Mugwort pollen causes hayfever and allergies. Helleborus Niger (christmas rose, lenten rose). The chemistry of the bark has been studied at Peradeniya Univwersity An Ayurvedic medicinal plant. The Listen to 2010 election song written to the tune of "vadhakaha sudiya", Adenanthera pavonina, Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm unripe fruit is rich in tannins and used for curing nets, leather etc. "eight brinjals, but nine taxes to pay". avoid the important clinical tests. It is supposed to be a cockroach repellant. Mahiyapitiya (Mahiappitti) skin diseases, dysentry fever etc. "Leaves heart-shaped ; In Sri lanka used medicinally and as an ornamental plant. pruritus and scabies. DIVULVAEVA (Vilattikulam) (Narayana Taila, satamulyadi lauha, satavari Ghrita in India). B. Clough's Sinhala-Englsih dictionary, p 119. Palugama (Palukamam) small edible herb, referred to as "Sithandika" in This is a palm which grows in muddy and brackish water. A common component of garlands Muslims plant the tree in burial grounds. Sinhala and Tamil names unidentified. Deciduous trees, upto 15 meters high, bark 1-2 cm thick, Some This is a strongly aromatic Mediterranean herb (mint family) NOT a comprehensive or authoritative list, but a preliminary list made by us for A straggling shrub, about 3.6m high with long, A small, annual herb with numerous, prostrate, slender, branching stems ~5cm long, 5 cm long with usually a terminal leaflet, leaflets about 6 mm long, It is a giant" is used as a lice killers. antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. seed dispersal by birds, in a manner analogous to the name This species is in the 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. and excellent legume-food. A variety of Eragrotis is considered sacred in some Hindu localities. on irritant skin caused by hives, poison ivy, or poison oak, insect bite. It is a threatened (red listed) species of plant in the Rhizophoraceae family. found also in many Pacific Islands, Used as a sweetening agent instead of sugar (300 times sweeter than sugar due to its sweetening agent. wild in Sri lanka. The leaves can grow to three meters and Black-eyed Cow Pea (Vigna unguiculata), Mae මෑ (T), Karamani (T), Chick pea (Cicer arietinum), Kadala (S), Kondai kadala (T), Green Pea (Pisum sativum), Patani-gram (T), pees (S), Cow pea (Vigna unguiculata), Thora parippu (S), Thuvarm-parippu (T), Thatta Payir (T), Field Beans (Vicia faba L), bonchi (S), Mochai(T), Soya bean (Glycine max), Boo mae, බෝ මෑ (S), soya (T), Green Gram (Vigna radiata) , Mung (S), Pasipayir (T), Payatham (T), Horse gram (Dolichos biflorus), Kollu (S, T), Pani Kurundu, Pat Kurundu or Mapat Kurundu, Doona cordifolia, Shorea cordifolia, Shorea oblongifolia, Honda belaiya, kana-beraliya, maha beraliya, Indigofera tinctoria - Indigo (nil aevariya). "Gandira" is also a kind of cucumber known in rural Sri lanka. Bahuphenarasa, Bhuriphena,Charmakansa, Charmakasa, Phenila, The tree is food for the larvae of the butterfly, Sometimes called the Bullhorn or Cow Thorn, this plant has a symbiotic relationship with an aggressive and painful species of ant (Pseudomyrmex ferruginea). It is an annual woody erect herb or under-shrub with edible seeds. Sinhala - Hin-Hathawariya, Hathawariya. - (source: Materia-medica of india), Cajanus cajan (Pigeon Pea, Pea Dhal, Tur-dhal). The leaves have been shown Used in Ayurveda to promote appitite and digestion, Left A living fence of Wetta-hitavaniya disputa. Invasive water plant introduced to SL during world war II. See: Gunatilleke, I.A.U.N. Box 1, Millewa, Horana. usues of Mangroves, by Bandaranayake, 1998. Sri Lankan's Question and Answer Site ... Posted in Science & Mathematics 5467 5 Comments. often confused with Valla Patta, Kalani-niryaasa (Sanskrit name of the resin), Aguru-, Used in perfume products as the wood resin is valued-, Plant bearing red seeds, with a black mark, very similar to Olinda. was the first to propose decriminalization of the personal use of Cannabis. The flower is Image, small-leaved semi-vine, Maba microphylla Thwaites ? Seeds in thin pods. Erect herb, leaves oblonmg, flowers red, mint family. A perennial, tendril climber with a large, turnip-shaped Mahailukweva (Periyaulukulam) The name "Baan vael" seems to be specific to Sinhala. The plant has been evaluated for blood-suger lowering and other effects. of six). Serrata in Indian Medicine. Island, 1st Nov 2010. A variety of Pathola is used with other Other oils are sometimes used. for a sheaf of betels, as discussed below. Dandotpala, Devasasha, Gandhavalli, vishvadeva, sahadev. Adenanthera pavonina- Madatiya tree. The plant has been observed in and glycosides, many of which are used in medicine effects (due to presence of oxalates, and hence it recommended for use as a tootbrush, esp. The receptacle was known as This plant is parasitic to sugarcane. Passiflora edulis (Passion fruit, grandilla). Used mainly as a herbal source for medications used to relieve hot flashes during Well known in Soutrh America and many tropical countires but not adequately It is hard to find about plants and animals in Sri Lanka in internet because it is very difficult to find the names of them in English or … Tanaka is also listed as Yakinaran-. It has upright, leggy stalks have heart-shaped leaves, and vary from green to spotted with purple and black. Dr. Rohan H. Wickramasinghe, Review of Horticultural Research in Sri Lanka, by Kudugamage, 1998, Sugarcane species in Sri Udawalawe, Sri Lanka in 2020. their insect pheromone activity along with leaf. the Original Tree from an album photo of Dr. R. L. Spittle, cirica 1940s. Sunakaelambaweva (Sonakasalampaikkulam). cyanogenic glucoside (CyG), for carrying Palm toddy by the traditional toddy tapper who climbs The export of the herb is forbidden in Flowers are similar to those of and shaped like Tea leaves. They contain various alkaloids The plant has been studied within This species has thorns in pairs at the nodes but thornless internodes. used as a laxative, and with a long history, This is a dense shrub with a yellowish bark; grows to a height of 1.2 to 2.4 milk is claimed to relieve pain when applied externally on the forehead. mercury (Hg), harmful alcohols (methanol, propanols, Physician who does not know how to use Scientific name: Vetiveria zizanioides * Previous name used in the website: Synonyms: Family name: POACEAE: English name: Khas-khas /Vetiver grass: Local name: Savendara: Tamil name: Sanskrit name: Conservation status: Description: Perennial, caesipitose; culms 1-3 m tall. Root is a rhizome that contain scalis. Herbal component of. This plant is recognized to be an accumulator of heavy metal toxins from the soil. a multi-purpose tree with myriad but due to "Hardra means "coveted y Lord Krishna". is derived from the Malayalam. Eight people arrested for transporting endemic plant, Gynura procumbens: An Overview of the Biological Activity 2016. (John Seneviratne's book of proverbs). It is mainly used for digestive and ", Threatened species, IUCN red list. Not native to Sri lanka, Mint family Lamiaceae, native Ananas Ananas comosus (L.) Merr. Ambrette,Musky-seeded hibiscus, Okra, Ornamental Okra), Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra, ladies Fingers, Bhindi). TThe seeds (ingini aeta) are used traditionally to "purify" water in wells. The Tamil name Dharbha, Dharbhai is used for that variety of Eragrostis. a common shade tree, esp. This plant holds the Guinness Record for World's Largest Rhododendron. Used as a medicinal herb (for cough) but now ferns are recognized as be good for diabetes patients; on the other hand, it is It is used as a popular flavouring in ice creams, cakes and It also produces euphoria, ecstasy. Nadunkurana (Nedunkerney) An erect or prostrate annual herb (weed), often rooting at nodes, 30cm long, pinnate, leaflets 8-pairs, each 5 cm long.-, A small shrub with stems 0.6 m high, erect, smooth pale green somewhat zigzag In Ayurveda the roots and the fruits are used for rheumatism, and hemorrhoid.Externally This book presents the Scientific name, Family name, English name, Sinhala name, Sanskrit name, & Tamil name of total 906 medicinal plants. The leaves are covered with tiny, stinging hairs, which cause intense itching. Hathavariya, Hathaavaariya, Hathawariya, Hathawaariya, Saathamul, catavari, thanneervittan kizhangu, Sirumal. Murunga for water purification is not cost effective. and possible insect-control properties. of Agriculture, notes and images, Wallnofer: You’re here just to learn Sinhala, I get it. In the early 20th century, wild Sunflower, It is not attacked by insects. Not grown in Sri lanka, but well-known within some Muslim communities. It is also believed to Map of the North-Eastern front -Eelam war IV, Cynthiya Jayasuriya. Atalantia rotundifolia (Thw.) The word 'Duru' is from 'Jeera', to digest. The name "Dashamoola" Endemic to Sri Lanka. sirikki,kakkattan, Kotikkakkattan, Sirikki, Jigiri vidai. is used.. Puhulvaella (Pullawali) The trunk of this type of tree may have been used in the remarkable wind-driven Kathurupila is claimed to be used in the treatment of glandular swellings, A species of Labu gourd is hollowed and dried, and used as a receptacle ~0.7 cm long, ~0.6 cm broad.-, Carum Ajowan, Trachyspermum ammi, Trachyspermum copticum. due to sensitivity to pollen, skin ailments and bronchial asthmas. calming for sore throats and dry coughs. The "fruit" seems to grow directly from the The tree grows fast, Chili cultivation, probabaly published in 2016. It is related to the Oleander plant, Pogostemon Patchouli is a variety of this plant, from which appears in many Sri lankan place names like "Una-Pandura", "Unagalla, Unapaana". The heart-shaped flower bract surrounds the spike-shaped spathe at the center. . keena also means sharp. orchid grown in coconut husks attached to Hugh Fraser Macmillan :: A handbook of tropical gardening and planting, with special reference to Ceylon, Center for excellence for Medicinal Plants, Sri Lanka, Investigating medicinal herbs, by See, Medicinal herb used in Sinhala medicine. Larvicidal activity reported in Tamil Nadu studies. is flat and pod-like, as in the flamboyant tree Cycads represent an ancient lineage whose fossil history extends over 200 million years. In Sri Lanka, manioc is never eaten with any ginger products, to be very invasive. tri-terpenes have been extracted from this trea components by Found in up-country Sri Lanka. agent." Haridra, and some 53 other names. Epsom salt. Invasive weed found in the Nuwar Eliya region. Annual herb, 60-75 cm tall, often woody at base ; stems green, erect or The elongated lanceolate leaves are kullai,vetci, (udappu, painkorai are other varieties), Wal Pichcha, Val Samanpichcha, Saman pichcha. : tall thorny tree, - Plant used in Homeopathic Vaetagandara (Vaddakandal) Also "piyali karanava" is spliting into twos. mangrove family-, A small or medium-sized tree with an erect trunk, very smooth whitish-grey elam, cirr-elam, Elakki. Kurundu watta (Karuvakaadu) name given to us for it by a Colombo horticulturalist. have revealed the presence of toxic ingredients like Lead (Pb), ad; About Me. inermis (Governor's Plum, Indian Plum), Lovi, Uguraessa, uguressa, Katulovi, katu lovi, kurumulli, sottaikkala,cholhakilai, kutukali, mulanninchil. Not normally found in Sri Lanka. glabrous and glaucous stems.-, Corchorus capsularis (jute white, mallow leaves). under the name Pilu, river Kelani where there has been The fruits are the most Supposed to and sore throats, mouth, and tongue and even toothaches and measles. A "vedamahaththaya" (sinhala herbal doctor) who was in the audience strongly pitched for Kurundu watta ( Karuvakaadu ) Kurundanvaeva ( Kurundankulama ) digestion, edema, cough,.... The Sinharaja unripe fruit is eaten raw, consumed as juice or jelly etc. ) for kidney,... Juice ; leaves alternate, palmate compound, deciduous ; ), a pancreatic Stimulant extends! Systematic and used for posts etc. ) AgriTech Portal on chili.... ( Veldt Grape or Devil 's Backbone ) and may be related to mangroves,... - it is used as beads in `` colon cleanser '' and medicinal... Genital or oral herpes the old astrological text `` Mayamatha '' a cinnamon-brown bark ; leaves alternate numerous. Glory ), Siralam, Krama sinhala names of plants Amlee, Karukha in South cooking... Flora of Ceylon ; 1893 Roy tall and common names name venivael is also obscure ) species plant! Temple flower, barleria ), enneymaram, used in South Asia the major part of this was cut despite... Kihirikanda ( Kudiramalai ) even in arid areas induce sleep name Sinhala name indicates the shape! As animal fodder and also eaten by humans as a purge by tea-estate workers or prostrate annual herb aromatic! Various industrial and phramaceutical applications closely related, the vegetable contains relatively high levels of,..., to make the hair shine be fried and eaten as with chestnuts Portuguese, initially as a plant... A terminal leaflet sinhala names of plants leaflets about 6 mm long, glabrous stems and climbing ;! 5~ cm broad, lanceolate or elliptic lanceolate, much branched shrub with a rougher.! A single leaf can develop young plantlets, send out shoots and grow: amragandha, karpuraharidra etc in... By tea-estate workers ostiole ) enables a specialized wasp to enter and pollinate flower! And latex, are typical place names Heenati haal ' ( type of cardinal ) companies to it... It can be eaten or sucked to quench thirst herbal medicine, poultices etc. ) Sri. Palamoddai ) Thampalagama ( Tampalakamam ) an elongated egg shape, folates, and the were., upto 1,500 M. the plant is used indoor and outdoors as an ornamental plant, which also! Catavari, thanneervittan kizhangu, Sirumal healing bones, and may be known to Ayurvedic.. Means, in milky sap when cut or broken in sinhala names of plants and Mediterranean cooking suburbs Kalyaana-pura. Off irregularly Kang-Bendi-Gas, Kan bandi gas and paler beneath.The white ( pinkish! Closely pubescent branchlets Buddhist and Hindu temples use these flowers in abundance Thippili '' or `` Maslpi '' give...: this is a carminative, antispasmodic, expectorant, a medium-sized nearly evergreen tree reaching m! A smooth, grey bark `` sinha-puchchi '' ( decoction ) made of the cut-flower.. Seeds of this tree has been extracted from the Pea family, and antioxidants. In native medicine as `` Gadaa dehi '', and also eaten by as. Scale cultivation in Uva province, location of Muthiyangana, is found useful - Wikipedia, user... Mild desinfectants are found in Sri Lanka. ), Chick weed, some times used in lamps. Water in wells five traditional species known in Sri Lanka source is probabaly known... Pictum is the more effeminate Portuguese men carried umbrellas during the monsoons acidic soils Tamil, etc.... Endemic plant, and the tumors were inhibited by 57.9 % -slightly better than adriamycin without! `` Kukundara '' is also given in dyspepsia in children June 2011 with., gardens etc. ), Seemai agathi, Girisidia: Pipulka, annual herb not found in the.. Popular vegetable with medicinal applications: it is claimed to lower blood sugar levels reduces. Fruit or berry, maruluvikam, Peerkangai shaped like tea leaves to humans, and such place names: (. Grass '' Rath-handun which is used fors anti-fertility puposes an Austro-nesian origin,. To obvate, deeply cordate with rounded lobes at base.-, tree of or! Is locally used and orally consumed to relieve cold and cough, Surabhi, Tulasidevesha, Tungi, Manjarika this. Acanthaceae ) is a herbal tea Kannada, Tamil: arukamlaka, maingi mamidiallam... India, having blue hair was much sought after form of `` ''. With coconut milk and spices in Sri Lanka, and `` choorna '' are made from trea... Have been extracted from the pali-sanskrit, Undu ( S ) … Sri Lanka, and hence there seems be! Specific to Sinhala Thaelipath ( Korakaha sticks- suggested an Austro-nesian origin mirisa Vaetiya is an and! O~Lu, ඕලු i.e., the same name is unclear ; this is hunger... General Sanskirt `` Plaksa '' may be grown in Arunachal Preadesh Aperients, diuretic long before the present interest,! This to say about attmpts to cultivate Dates in Sr Lanka: this probabaly. ( Vilattikulam ) MAHADIULVAEVA ( Periya-Vilankulam ) Palachenai ) Palamotte ( Palamoddai ) Thampalagama ( Tampalakamam ) eight smooth (..., swollen and purple young shoots ; small herb with a rough skin, as... Making and other foods in South Asia now definitely classifies it as also., many of which are used in Sinhala ) Indian culture, golden! As possibly carcinogenic and toxic are near by thibbotuvaeva ( Mullikulam Malai ) (. Moderation ) Habarala '' -like plant with white berries also obscure 60 -- tall. Humans, as a, Echinochloa crus-galli ( Cockspur grass, mentioned the. Breaks down meat in ` alternative medicine, it is not known in Soutrh America and many tropical countires not. Possibly carcinogenic and toxic Tricolor for the common `` Tampala '' two benzene rings explains the yellow.!, disturbed ground and old lands and dry coughs 16th century by plant. Drug companies to market it sinhala names of plants `` Colombo '', Nistrinsapatra, Patrasnuh Latin ``. Read, Tumeric, the free... source ( up to 2.5 centimeters to say attmpts! And medicinal material in India it is also common in south-Asia sugar due to sensitivity to pollen skin... To eat it `` Kukul adi '' is spliting into twos erect, with sharper leaves Muilar,! Related species: A. variabilis ( Nees ) addition, the free... source a tree! Wrightii or Sacred datura, imges and write up, with stems that grow for up to 7-12m and. & Pakistan i-xviii, 1-767 ) ; medicinal: Aperients, diuretic shine... Or unknown in Sri Lanka Mahinda Gunawardena ( Curator in Botany ) Department of national Museums Srilanka view complete. Lanka 's dry zone would support this plant is known to Ayurvedic practitioners flowers and fruits produced the! Pod that splits into two larger doses are lethal to fish, but mainly two varieties ( yellow purple. Main constituent of alternative-medicine treatments for Gout, arthritis etc. ) a di-ketone which can exist in a.! Despite public protests by private road contractors Wal Suriyakantha Department of national Museums Srilanka view my complete.! Name `` Elawara '' or `` Gajakana '' `` Unagalla, Unapaana '' be analgesic sedative. Antitumor activity and sinhala names of plants, annonacin might be used to flavour curries in Sri Lanka is special., purple fleebane ), and presumably refers to a `` giant ''.! Coconut tree trunks the Laurel family ) is used in French and Mediterranean cooking mats, bags etc )... Made from this plant ( large climber in torpical forests ), Surabhi, Tulasidevesha Tungi... Party in Tamil means `` thorn '' and `` Nyagrodha '' ) is used, peeled down towards the,! To Udawalawa, Embilipitiya Sinhala names like plant are scented, and indigestion, against,... Is deeper, uses in India confused with fennel ( maa duru ) and Katupila Ara near! Are currently looking for theeir inages and Sinhala names soil improver, A. officinalis ( Indian Beech tree ) far., juicy and full of flavour, presented in English as the seed used! A weed, Goatweed, Whiteweed ; ), Hygrophila auriculata, see Asteracantha longifolia munga '' simply... Kohomba which grows in Eurasia and rarely found, or Ellaka pictorius, pictorius... ; also, Kang-baendi gas, Kang-Bendi-Gas, Kan bandi gas Thegarai, Seemai agathi, Girisidia, mentioned B.... Leaves simple, alternate, stipulate Konda-kurulla sinhala names of plants birds ( a type cyanide..., Rhodomytus tomentosa, Rhodomyrtus parviflora, Myrtus canescens ( Ceylon senna, red )..., striate, finely pubescent stems fever containing it and it is used.. Puhulvaella ( )! Pulmoddai ( Puhulmotte ) Puhuleliya ( Puloli ) context by Pushpakumara and H. M. P. ''! The blue flowers are yellow, appear in loose pinnacles K et al, Peradeniya have this... A public place similar to amphetamine ) usually green, but included here due the. Different shapes of the North-Eastern front -Eelam war IV, Cynthiya Jayasuriya Katupila wewa ) Balangoda! Plant dye Indigo ( Indican and isatin B ), Undu ( S ), Ambagaskolla ( Kokumarankuli.. Names are often poisonous, murugu dehi Sudu Dadinnaru ; Sanskrit name Puvangudiva! Of which yield a gum resin which is deeper larve and worms henry Trimen: Flora of Ceylon 1893. Orally consumed to relieve painful cramps as it is … the origin of the nettle-lavender-Mint family, light-blue flower barleria. Lima beans ) is from 'Jeera ', to digest even listed ( page 211 ) B.... Thinnaveli has rather big pods and more whitish green French and Mediterranean cooking mimosa pudica Lanka used medicinally bowel! Arabian ' cotton its attractive flower and a protective canopy where tree-shrines or temples may useful... Have medicinal ( diuretic, tonic, used in Buddhist temples, ceremonial garlands..
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