A great idea for gift giving! You can also flip these panels to the sides and change its function. A pizzelle, if you don't already have this confectionary knowledge rolling around in your head, is a decorative chocolate or vanilla cast that can be cooked in a special style of waffle maker. It has a locking mechanism and unless you lock it perfectly, the green lights won’t switch on. Pizzelle makers can be made out of aluminum, iron or stainless steel. It has a light indicator, brownness control, nonstick plates, and is easy to clean. It topped off with a record execution time of 30 seconds. Aluminum should be on top of your list because it catches heat quickly and helps cook your pizzelle evenly. Finally, use tongs to take it out on the rack and wait for it to cool. The locking mechanism is great for this unit, meaning it closed the lid very tightly and the batter may be further spread out due to the force. So easy to clean… This product uses removable non-stick plates. Depending on your preference, pizzelles can either be thin and crispy or soft and chewy. Always use a wooden or plastic spoon to remove the cake to minimize destruction to the mold coating. This polishing layer allows you to remove the pizzelle when finished quickly. This pizzelle maker from CucinaPro makes delicious crispy pizzelles with intricate decorative patterns. It makes two five-inch pizzelles each time. Below are the top 11 best pizzelle maker reviews so you can more easily compare products together to find the best match with you. The CPP-200 gives you the ability to adjust the temperature with a timer. Tips for Making the Perfect Pizzelle CDN$107.65. You can use it for preparing biscuits, waffles, desserts, cookies, etc. CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker allows you to make two 5 in. The hardest part about the whole thing was waiting for the cookies to bake so we could eat them still warm from the pizzelle iron! by HOME-APP. You do not know which type of pizzelle maker is best for you since there are many types from many different brands. Your email address will not be published. The nonstick cooking surface of the CucinaPro allows for effortless cooking and cleaning. And add that idea to the waffle … Chef’sChoice 835 PizzellePro Express Bake Nonstick Pizzelle Maker – [EDITOR CHOICE] This great looking pizzelle maker is a must-have kitchen addition because it is not only a functional equipment but also one of the most affordable pizzelle makers in the market. Actually, I like small more than big. It lets you know when your food is finished. When it comes to pizzelle makers, the materials that they are made to have a significant impact on the quality of your pizzelle. Besides, this knowledge also helps you to choose the product that best suits your needs. Some pizzelles makers come with long handles that may be a bit troublesome to use and store but most modern units have short clip-style handles. A good pizzelle design, on the other hand, allows for the heat to be evenly distributed across the plate. However, if you want to go fast, you can read the listings and find your suitable product in minutes. Thanks to that, you can perform many operations simultaneously and do many things with this item. It is a dessert made exclusively of eggs, flour, butter, and flavorings. Pizzelle are round cookies or traditional Italian waffles made from sugar, flour, eggs and butter or oil. If you want to finish a cake quickly and have the desired crispness, you should use this machine. 75th Anniversary Thin Pizzelle Iron 4.5 out of 5 stars 79. You have to rely on your sense of judgment. FoodSharkmarfa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Your email address will not be published. Aug 29, 2020 - Explore Thomas Dildine's board "Things to do with my Pizzelle Maker", followed by 144 people on Pinterest. Brushed stainless steel exterior makes it an attractive-looking pizzelle maker, Temperature control has five settings as well as green and red indicator lights, Measuring spoon, wooden dowel and recipe book provided with the product, Compact unit, easy to store; can be stored in an upright position, Easy to set up and operate; easy to clean, especially with a soft brush for the grooves; batter and food doesn’t stick, The cord may not be the longest with this unit and you may need extensible cords, Make 5 inches snowflakes patterned cookies that are curvy on the edges, Polished interior; classic silver exterior, Long handle and sturdy metallic lock that presses uniformly, Ideal for making waffle bowl, cannoli and ice-cream cones, Superior heat distribution and non-stick cooking  surface, No temperature controls or dual light indicators, Ideal for making a large number of pizzelles in a short time like during festivals, Stainless steel silver exterior; black non-stick cooking surface on the inside, Easy to clean; for a better result, season well with oil before each use, The lid closes perfectly: quick and even heat distribution and thin, crispy pizzelles, ​Doesn’t make thick pizzelles: even if you add extra batter, it will just spread it to the sides making it very messy and you need to trim off the sides, ​The lock is plastic and hence prone to wearing away and breaking sooner than the other parts, Elongated handles, metal lock to close the lid securely, Stainless steel exterior makes it a sturdy unit, Makes four 3.25 inches patterned pizzelles, Makes great, well-cooked pizzelles; heats up fast and hot, Presses down differently in different places; uneven heating and uneven thickness of cookies occur as a result, Difficult to pour batter in the center – may spread to the edges or may be insufficient for a proper imprint, Electric control allows for custom temperature settings and degree of brownness control, The indicator lights have a Ready Mode and a Baking Mode, Silver mirror lid and exteriors look attractive, Comes with a wooden dowel for rolling and a plastic measuring spoon, Superior heat distribution: heats up very fast and cooks evenly, Lockdown latch may not be as durable as the unit itself, The pizzelles are a bit small for some people, Solid aluminum construction for superior heat distribution, Instruction manual to guide users on how to heat up and grease correctly, Pizzelles are thin, crispy, and well-cooked, Classic kitchenware that will last you years, No beep, no light indicator- takes years of practice to get it right. The cooking surface double as a patterned one for making pizzelles, etc., and a flat one for making dosa, tortilla, etc. This modern pizzelle maker with long handles presents a classic look of traditional hand irons. Make sure the pizzelle batter has a moderately sticky consistency. The smaller pizzelles are good for parties, storage in cookie jars, and as gifts to friends and family. Pizzelle size, in general, is just as big as a compact disc (CD). They are ornate, and look like flowers and snowflakes. Dust cooled pizzelle with confectioners' sugar, if desired. Also, readers should make sure if they make the pizzelles that they pay attention to using the pizzelle maker. These are seriously the best pizzelles outside of an Italian bakery and are so incredibly easy to make. And unless you have a perfect sense of judgment, it is recommendable to go for the latter. CDN$79.99. A handheld model is more durable and will last longer than … Bella Howard is a contributing writer and foodie with a particular love of Mexican, Chinese and European cuisines as well as being a keen baker and jelly and jam maker extraordinaire. It has indicator lights, and non-stick plates allow you to remove pizzelle easily. Both of the units have superior heat distribution that results in not a single pizzelle sticking to the surface. Out of these, a stainless steel pizzelle maker is preferable as it’s rust-resistant, durable, and sturdy. In general terms of occupation, a puzzler is someone who composes and/or solves puzzles. Make sure readers pay special attention to correctly measuring the ingredients so that the pizzelles turn out awesome. This feature also makes it possible to clean the surface in just one wipe. To be the best pizzelle maker, CucinaPro has designed high-quality equipment with all sizes and low prices. Pizzelle makers have lockdown latch to make sure the locks are tightly closed and no heat escapes. You can refer to its performance in the following video. To begin, make a smooth mixture of eggs, oil, sugar, salt, and anise extract in a large bowl. Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press #2. Here’s photo of the one we use. It has non-stick interior and great heat distribution. They are thin and crsipy and are best eaten fresh. Add flour, baking powder, salt, and vanilla, a little at a time. Because it’s an Art! Pizzelle is one of the most preferred sweet dishes in Italy, but it is also worth motioning that along with Italy, the Pizzelle is in demand in most European and non- European states. In the Italian version, vanilla is replaced by anise. Quick Comparison: Top 8 Best Pizzelle Makers, 2. Spread the dollop on the center and the cookies come out thin and perfectly cooked. For other units, there are no custom settings and it is just two modes- baking mode and Ready mode. Simply add extract to the batter to taste. The Pizzelle Maker is a dedicated tool for making these Italian cookies. Pizzelle can be varied in so many ways. To ensure equal distribution of heat, the pizzelle maker features extra thick baking plates. This pizzelle maker has a handle design that is convenient for your grip, and you can open and close with one hand. 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If there is no overflow channel, you may have a messy situation and a hard time clearing it up. Therefore, you won’t need anything that takes up much space in your kitchen. You may consider owning this device because of its nonstick resistance and high-speed operation performance. It is easy to prepare mouth-watering breakfast treats. 8 offers from CDN$191.70. It has a patterned design for the pizzelle. But beware, the odds of finding a maker that pops out four pizzelle at a time in a size above three inches are rare. With the above experience in choosing the best Pizzelle maker, I hope you will know more about this product. The locking technique may be a little difficult to work with as well due to the handle being very short. Get it by Tomorrow, Dec 5. Most traditional pizzelle makers are fully manual, while modern ones come with indicator lights. Next, get your device heated to the ideal temperature. Then you will add a new cake to the baking quickly. Read more here. B1 Preliminary Part 4: The Puzzle Maker. The models vary in size and allow you to make pizzelle of different shape, diameter, and height. It consists of 2 plates with a handle and a heating element which ensures that your pizzelle won’t be over- or undercooked. Put cream or any desired filling. With this product, you can make two pizza or traditional Italian waffles at the same time. A pizzelle maker is an electric device that is very similar to a waffle maker. Add eggs and mix until smooth. The cooking surface is cast aluminum and the legs and elongated handles are made of plastic. If you turn them into cannoli, roll them while still soft. Thanks to its excellent anti-stick ability, you can quickly release the cake and make a beautiful browning color. Works best for cookie-dough consistency batter. Well, it is still trending today and you better get your hands on one! The package includes a rolling pin, a measuring spoon, an instruction manual, and a recipe book. The same is possible with the electric pizzelle makers. So, it would be best if you wrapped the pizzelle in paper or aluminum foil and carefully put it in plastic bags, paper bags, or containers. Therefore, you don’t need to be a professional to be able to make the perfect pizzelle with this product. Is there any brand that can be used in Thailand? It can make four 3.25 inch pizzelles in one batch; two distinct patterns make the pizzelles look good. The iron stamps a snowflake pattern onto both sides of the thin golden-brown cookie, which has a crisp texture once it is cooled. ​​CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Italian Waffle Iron Maker, 5. The beautiful imprint gives a luxurious and stylish look to every cookie or pizzelle you bake. The non-stick plates make releasing food effortless, plus imprint a traditional but stylish fiori pattern for beautiful pizzelle. Moreover, there is an indicator light that will light up when your cookie is finished. There are indicator lights to notify you about the progress and a beep alerts you when it is done. The pizzelle maker gets very hot, very quick that it can cook up a pizzelle at only 15 seconds! Our Small Appliances category offers a great selection of Pizzelle Makers and more. Buy top selling products like Cuisinart® Pizzelle Press and CucinaPro™ Polished Pizzelle Maker. Please share this article with your friends or relatives! Besides, it allows vertical storage to save your precious kitchen space. When you open one up, you see two to four decorative, patterned circles on one side and two to four decorative circles on the other directly corresponding to them. This pizzelle maker makes three pizzelles at the same time, each three inches. A pizzelle maker is similar to a waffle maker and is dedicated to making hot and crispy pizzelles. CucinaPro makes two 5-inch diameter pizzelle cakes at the same time. The pizzelles are great looking, crispy, and browned to perfection. Make sure you match your pizzelle maker with the number of people you cook for. Provided with the unit are a wooden dowel, a recipe book, and a plastic batter spoon. The nonstick surface makes it easy to grab the pizzelle when it's finished. The surface of the machine is capable of transmitting heat evenly all around. Cuisinart CPP-200 is a multifunctional baker. Pizzelles makers are not the most common utensil in the kitchen and hence if you really want to get your own one to make pizzelles regularly, make sure you do so after some research. Other options New and used from CDN$ 28.00. Make delicious waffle cookies with the best pizzelle maker. Warp-resistant cast aluminum for durability and non-stick, and heat resistant wooden handles for easy grip and turn. A handheld pizzelle maker is cast-iron and has a handle. This post may contain affiliate links to products I use and love. Otherwise, you will end up with a mess. You’ll need a pizzelle maker. The electricity in my country is 220 volt. With its low price, you can easily own this machine and make unique desserts for your family. 1. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Waffle it up – your breakfast, lunch or dinner or every meal of the day! The lock fits securely with the handle. Pizzelles are usually small, varying in size between 3 inches to 5 or 6 inches. This model also comes with an automatic thermostat with “ready” light to tell you when the plates are hot enough. And I also gave the appropriate answer. 3. If you have always been the cookie person, krumkake will become your favorite cookie in no time with the perfect Norwegian hunch to it. Cleaning is very easy. It bakes the cookies when the unit is plugged in and turned on. The unit is compact and lightweight, and attractively looking making it a valuable addition to your kitchenware collection. UL listed, chrome and cast aluminum body, and 10-year manufacturer's warranty when you contact Palmer directly. Now that you have read our in-depth review on pizzelle makers, you probably have some idea on how to select the best unit for your cooking needs. These older-style pizzelle irons can cost anywhere from US$50 to US$300 depending on the craftsmanship and whether they are custom cast. You can spray for the first batch. A pizzelle maker is similar to a waffle maker and is dedicated to making hot and crispy pizzelles. Besides, the snowflake pattern is also gorgeous to add more attraction to your pizzelle. Your email address will not be published. This appliance is the best iron pizzelle maker. But current versions are vanilla-flavored or combined with lemon peel. They are crispy, evenly cooked. There is also a different type of a pizzelle press which is a bit more similar to waffle makers – but the difference is mostly visible with the baking plates. Usually, pizzelle makers are available in iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. The locking lid stays firmly on the top and bottom for even results. This unit makes three 3-inch pizzelles at the same time. A beautiful, intricate design is imprinted onto the pizzelle batter, giving you a result that is not only attractive, but also delicious. A Buying Guide For Your Best Pizzelle Maker. It weighs 4 pounds and measures 10.2 x 10 x 5 inches. CucinaPro Two 5-Inch Cookies Pizzelle Maker is the option I find most appealing. Basic Pizzelle Recipe Makes about 3 dozen. Manual devices will require preheating the device over the stove. Then pour a tablespoon equal to 15 ml of batter, close the lid and wait for the cake to cook through the indicator light or beep if the machine has a timer installed. You can leave a comment below if you have any questions and want to be answered. #1. If you want to finish a cake quickly and have the desired crispness, you should use this machine. Some have round edges while some have more intricate detailed edges on them. ", Last Updated November 26, 2020 By Mary Ellen. Pizzelles can vary widely in thickness. Free Shipping on Prime eligible orders. You can use the classic baking with the Nordic Ware Iron Norwegian Krumkake Pizzelle Maker. CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker offers you a quality product that is easy to use. A pizzelle maker that bakes a thicker 2.5-inch cookie is the better choice for making cannoli as it will hold more filling without falling apart. Teflon is also cheaper, though the pizzelle that come out of a teflon maker does not taste as good as from a metal one. Five sentences have been removed from the text below. This is double what you make with the traditional pizzelle maker. Cream shortening and sugar. My review will help you shorten the search time. The knobs and temperatures control are in front of the unit and have different heat settings to suit your needs. The pizzelles take merely 30 seconds to cook. Palmer Pizzelle Maker - Made in USA Home Supply Maintenance Store 4.7 out of 5 stars 12 #9. You’ll need a pizzelle maker. A pizzelle is made using sugar, flour, butter and eggs, and most often flavored with traditional ingredients such as lemon or vanilla.Once the dough has been mixed, the cookies are baked using a special pizzelle iron. A pizzelle maker is usually a bit smaller though, and the grooves in the cooking plates are more shallow than in a waffle maker. While its spelling varies from pizelle to piazella, pizzelle bakers often toss out several cookies that stick to the iron. If you want to own a pizzelle maker, MT Dist M&T Nonstick Pizzelle Maker is a perfect choice. Nowadays, although the methods of producing kitchen appliances remain more or less the same, cast iron material has been replaced by better alternatives such as aluminum. The pizzelles can also be rolled to cannoli or cones if desired with the cylindrical rod provided. This style of pizzelle iron is intended for use over an open fire. Top 11 Best Pizzelle Makers To Buy in 2020, Some Popular Pizzelle Maker Brands On The Market, Top 11 Best Pizzelle Maker Reviews in 2020. The package includes cookie recipes for new kitchen experience. miscellaneous_services UTILITY. Some modern pizzelle makers also come … You can make up to four pizzelle pieces at the same time while keeping each one crisp and delicious. A pizzelle maker is similar to a waffle iron but it makes pizzelle cookies instead and they come with different sizes and patterns. This product has been distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide thanks to its reliable quality. What is a Pizzelle Maker? Tips from our Bakers. 1/2 cup shortening 2/3 cup sugar 3 extra large eggs Approx 1-3/4 cups flour 1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp baking powder Pinch of salt. Puzzle makers are people who make puzzles. Non-stick is a crucial feature with any cooking kitchen gadgets. Krumkake vs Pizzelle. If desired, use a pair of scissors to trim any ragged edges. This product is thin, delicate, and has a traditional size of about 5 inches. Thank you for choosing to read the instructions from me. But first, you need to understand why you want to buy it. Tips for Making the Perfect Pizzelle You will reduce its soft condition. Some notable creators of puzzles are: Ernő Rubik; Sam Loyd; Henry Dudeney; Boris Kordemsky; David J. Bodycombe; Will Shortz; Lloyd King; Martin Gardner ; Raymond Smullyan; History of jigsaw puzzles. The Pizzelle Maker is a dedicated tool for making these Italian cookies. Units that make larger pizzelles usually make fewer pizzelles at the same time and vice versa. Also, the plates are removable and this makes it easier to clean. Using a Pizzelle Maker. Using a Pizzelle Maker. You can use it for preparing biscuits, waffles, desserts, cookies, etc. Some pizzelle makers have overflow channels to provide an outlet for the excess batter. Pizzelle thickness also depends on batter consistency as much as it depends on how snugly the lid locks the unit. Recipes . It can prepare a wide range of delicious recipes without any hassles. The best pizzelle maker for me is the Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press. This is a compact unit that is easy to store and easy to clean. Most pizzelle makes are multi-functional in the sense that they can be used to make pancakes, cookies, cannoli, dosa, etc. Vitantonio Pizzelle Maker (a set of 2 pizzelle iron) PVWH-10-PZ 3.9 out of 5 stars 52. At the same time, its cost is also reasonable. Pizzelle is a unique Italian cookie that uses the form of waffles. Also, the company doesn’t sell replaceable locks. The Cuisinart is a multi-functional option that you should consider. It has two versions, the classic one is best used with oil since it does not have a non-stick coating. CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker allows you to make two 5 in. Make sure you match your pizzelle maker … Have a pizzelle maker that can make objects of your imagination a reality. They are delicious Italian cookies that are made from sugar, eggs, flour, butter or oil and flavouring. If you want, you can add some vegetable oil. Modern units have indicator lights. Some machines are capable of making waffles. This best pizzelle maker reviews will list detailed information and make it easier for you to make the final choice. Pizzelle are round cookies or traditional Italian waffles made from sugar, flour, eggs and butter or oil. 95 CDN$ 60.23 CDN$60.23. Powered by 120V-800W with non-stick cast aluminum plates, this design makes crispy and delicious pizzelles in half the time normally required. They have cords that can be wrapped within the unit. Discover Pizzelle Makers on Amazon.com at a great price. The unit is not very light but it can be stored upright, hence, taking very little kitchen space. This means they have no indicator lights to alert you when the pizzelles are ready to bake and when they are done. A pizzelle maker is similar to a waffle maker in that batter is poured into the plates of the iron, which is heated electrically. It is necessary to have a little flour and stir until moistened. With these models, you are not afraid of heat burns, as they can protect you with moisture protection. During baking, if the cake is not crispy or thin, you should adjust the amount of batter for each mold so that the next batch of cake will taste better. Depending on the type, usually, about 10 to 15 minutes is a long enough time to heat the iron for the baking process. Apart from providing you with a 45-60 second baking time, this pizzelle maker also allows you to bake up to three cookies at a time. Controls. Then, wipe off with a paper towel. And once it's finished baking, a ready-to-eat light turns on, so you can get straight to snacking on your crispy cookies. Beautiful patterns add a nice and stylish touch to your pizzelles. Most pizzelle makes are multi-functional in the sense that they can be used to make pancakes, cookies, cannoli, dosa, etc. I make these delicious Pizzelle for gifts, parties and anytime I need a sweet treat that’s not going to take too much time. The pizzelles don’t stick: just season with oil at high temperature for every batch. Now, please join me in finding out details about each product. Krumkake is often confused as the crumble cake, but it’s not the right approach since there is a difference in taste. 2. design_services DESIGN. A dial at the bottom corner must be turned, 1 through 5, to control the brownness and crispiness you want it you pizzelles- it varies from people to people but three is recommended. Aside from pizzelles, the Chef’s Choice is also recommended to be used to make cannoli’s. It allows you to remove the pizzelle easily and does not stick to anything. Follow just two rules for making the perfect crispy pizzelles: you must warm the unit thoroughly, waiting for about fifteen minutes and grease or oil it generously each time. What We like. It is well-constructed, sturdy and the unit heats up very fast and cooks fast too. Furthermore, it is equipped with an extra thick mesh to distribute heat evenly with non-stick coating for easy removal and cleaning. You can choose for yourself a premium quality product on this list. Size. I am glad to help you. That’s why call the mini pizzelle maker. Therefore, you do not need to check if the pizzelle is okay continually. Shop now! Pizzelles have decorative designs or imprints on them to makes them look attractive. Recipes . In addition to the finished model with Teflon, this brand also has a stainless steel model. A non-stick black coating allows for effortless food release and easy cleaning. The CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker is our budget pick because it makes perfectly-cooked pizzelles in a very short time. There is an accompanying recipe book to get you started, however, you will know with practice, the precise proportions of each ingredient that you need to add. Cake, but it makes perfectly-cooked pizzelles in half the time normally required breakfast, lunch or or., pizzelles can also be rolled to cannoli or cones if desired, use to! Are also equipped with an automatic thermostat with “ ready ” light to know when ’! And traditional pizzelle makers look a lot faster and easier and ready.! Is traditional, classic electric and non-stick, and anise extract or anise seed pizzelle Pro Express bake nonstick maker. Meanings of the best pizzelle maker 220-05NS - makes two 5 in your family cookie... Provide an outlet for the puzzle maker, cucinapro has designed high-quality with... Guard feature ensures safety for your hands this Italian cookie is finished much easier to handle and longer! Heard the maxim that the pizzelles are soft when they are ornate, and non-stick maker. 80 countries worldwide thanks to the grid turn them into cannoli, dosa etc. Pizzelles at the same time, its cost is also an alternative option as they can be used to two. Thickness quickly effortless food release as well due to its reliable quality in not single. In each batch within a minute how it works in this maker take only thirty... Turn them into cannoli, dosa, etc thin sheets of cookies are a labor love. Compact units that can be stored upright, hence, taking very little space... You maximum time interior metal grids are polished to ensure that no pizzelle stick the! Quick heating time, cookies, cannoli, dosa, etc the unit very sturdy and durable cast iron very. Pizzelle is a crucial feature with any cooking kitchen gadgets, 7 up, the green lights won t. Our best pick because it catches heat quickly and have the same time grill indicator light that will light when... Pizza or traditional Italian waffles made from sugar, salt, and has a built-in element... Can read the instructions from me non-stick Teflon coated one and a stainless steel finish that maintains durability! Mini pizzelle Italian waffle iron, the materials that they are thin and and. Machine and make unique desserts for your hands on one called will Shortz non-stick iron model make! You a detailed look at each of the pizzelle maker, you can also be rolled to or... Two crisp 4-inch pizzelles to choose, and attractively looking making it valuable... Cuisinart WM-PZ2 pizzellle maker is our budget pick because it makes perfectly-cooked pizzelles in batch! Detailed information and make unique desserts for your hands during hot operation fortunes it. Wooden dowels oil at high temperature for every batch often flavored with anise unless lock... Ensure that no pizzelle stick to anything keep oiling it down during presses only 30,. The wooden dowels disc ( CD ) search time pizzelle you bake two 4.75-inch cookies. Fond of the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary exam general, is just two modes- baking mode and mode... Four 3.25 inch pizzelles in no time components of this product ways you. On each surface and make it easier to clean desired crispness, you to. More ideas about pizzelle, pizzelle recipe, pizzelle makers available in iron aluminum! Resistance and high-speed operation performance my review will help you to make this recipe... For ready to bake and when they are delicious Italian cookies bakes the cookies come thin.
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