Recently I saw your Video on Youtube. The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help in treating nasal allergies are Allium Cepa, Arsenic Album, Arundo Mauri, Kali Bichromicum and Gelsemium. Arsenic Album is selected for cough with chest tightness and suffocation attacks. What medicine I should give him to treat him for skin allergy ? Also, can you please provide me with the homeopathic remedy that you think will best suit me in my particular situation, and to help someone like me who has extra sensitive skin? Please help me in this regard. But some people get hypersensitive reaction with some fragrances of Hair spray, soap, body and facial lotion, hair shampoo or conditioner, Face wash, cosmetics, deodorant and barber sprit contain fragrance. Pulsatilla is used when milk or any milk product leads to an allergic reaction. Thanks for the helpful information about homeopathic medicines. From 3 days I started homeopathic medicine and no effect as of now. But 100% benefits nahi Mila. Hello, Doctor. The allergic reaction can be occurred at any place at anywhere. Archana singh, strong overreaction to mosquito bites – the area spreads into large skin red areas that itch to the point og severe pain that can last for weeks, I am 32 years old. I recovered from swelling in around 23-25 days. We do not claim to cure any disease which is considered' incurable ' on the basis of scientific facts by modern medicine .The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis. 2. )I really be;ieve in Homeopathic medicine. This medicine is the best remedy when sudden hives with violent itching and burning followeating shell fish. I have discharge occasionally from my eyes as well. Even though I have different food allergies and stomach sensitivities, the red spots (and one somewhat raised red spot, and another spot that sometimes appears red and dry/peeling a little) did not start occurring until I used, stopped, and then re-used certain skin products — particularly vitamin A skin serum and vitamin E oil, along with a combination of these and certain moisturizers for my face. My daughter aged 29 sneezes when come out from room to open space and to sunlight and it gets worse she is suffering this ftommlast five to six years due to which she is getting her hair loss too Dr pl advice which medicine she should take and upto how much period, Capsicum 30 eight doses three days intervals Then. When exposed to cold air gives some relief. Hello. Not like before he can take them. The immune system is your body's defense system against all those foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, various foreign substances. I am allergic to eggs, brinjal, Ladies finger, Arui, kochu, poi sag, dal lintels, nuts, wheat, maida products, milk, sea fish, gluten, mango, grapes, banana, pine apple, jackfruit, coconut, peanuts almond milk wheat protein gluten product.I am under Homeopathy treatment,but all in vain. Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Allergic rhinitis and sinusitis cause stuffed up, raw feeling in frontal sinus furthermore coryza drops from the nose. Reaction was skin rush on my legs, hands, and now i woke up with swollen lips and eyes. Open air brings a slight improvement in the condition. Staying at Hosur, Tamilnadu. but no use. 1. Kindly tak some needful action. For more information you may visit this clinic. But after 2-3 days the symptoms returns. Similarly there are many factors needed to be considered to choose a suitable remedy for that patient. The main symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis aresneezing, fluent discharge from nose, in some cases dropping of nasal discharge back into the throat, itching in nose, throat and earand discharge from eyes with itching. The lymphocyte of white blood cells is one of the important cell plays a major role in allergic reaction. Hello Mr. Dharma, I am suffering from scalp allergy for almost 10 + Yrs. Itchy eyes, a hard bump appearing on the brow area! -Jagan (9840027292). Suffering from allergy from with common allergy from child. What should I medicate him to recover from the severe situation or is there any remedy to prevent the symptoms to come up? In our body there are some cells called mast cells. Apis Mellifica is a very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for urticarial rashes with intense itching and burning-stinging sensations. Do you know of a homeopathic product that can help me? Shortness of breathing, stiffness in whole body etc remedies required. Problem such as slight liver inflamation, enlarged prostate all under some mild allopathy medicines, and all under control as on now Lately, feels pain and unconfortable in lunges during morning, evening, and on cloudy atmosphere. Post measles pox mumps etc ,2) BCG non reaction,b thyroid prob Insulin Res States 3) intolerance to AC, living in damp. Thx a lot. Thank you K D Banerjee 9051809845, Dear Dr. Sharma, My friend is having an adverse reaction to red tattoo ink in her lips. Can you please tell me the what dosage I should choose here? 6. 58, Dear Doctor. Before 1 year, breathing problem is also started. Dear Dr. My daughter had an allergy when the wheat season started and thrasher machines runs for wheat separation from wheat plant ,it create a dust in atmosphere, now a days she is suffering from chest congestion , shortage of berating in chest, some times fever,dry cough. Reaching home in the stuffy weather evening again starts for about 15-25 minutes and then fine. Recently, it got so bad that I could not even sleep at night. Benadryl typically fixed it immediately. so here a homeopathy physician try to find out what is the exact emotional factor has been suppressed and select accordingly one constitutional remedy which helps to modify his immune system to work normally. woolen cloth va synthatic cloths sae jayada hoti hae oor evening ko jayada hoti hae. this i am having since 8 months. Again when the person exposes to the same allergens produce same symptoms and need the same medication to stop the reaction. Yesterday, I went to my dermatologist and I told her I still have these rash spots — even though I have stopped using the serum and the oil at least one-and-a-half to two weeks ago. My child is suffering from allergic cough/rhinitis. Now she also has allergic episodes during the night along with cough and wheezing which wears off on its own. Homeopathy in Snoring, Scope of Homoeopathy in Snoring, Homeopathic Snoring Remedies, Homeopathy for Snoring, Homeopathic Snoring Remedies, homeopathic medicines for snoring, Best Homeopathic Treatment for snoring, Homeopathy Treatment for Snoring or nose allergy I have allergy from alcohol. dear sir my son aged 18 years off and on falls prey to allergy accompanied by vigorous sneezing and runny nose and that continues for couple of days and then dwindles.He falls prey to this irritating and annoying illness at least 3-4 times a year. We bought dist mite pillow and mattress covers, but nothing helped. On sitting with a … Of course it is in so many food products. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach. I have this problem from last 6 months. I had severe acidity and vomiting during pregnancies. Can I have any homeopathy medicine to get the relieve instantly ? My sis has chronic urticaria ,rashes in face for past ten years.her ige level counts 1000.she had several miscarriages and under fertility treatments. My eye becomes redden after bath and also from the dust of Chalk and watery discharge out from eyes. Also she feels too much cold and needs to wear thermals even during summer. 11. Sir,I suffering from allergy last 20years it’s may be food ,dust,seasonal and also cough allergy. She has tree pollen allergy. Please Help him. Watering of eyes began in Jun-Jul , 2014. can’t control it.tell me how it is solve?kindly tell me. after that i took sme allopathic treatment but the relief was temporary. Acidity and burping as well. I am 31 years old. Is there any homeo medicine which can treat it ? Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly. at the same time i am having eye allergic conjunctivitis also. What is the medicine you suggest. Yeh OK.Ok, but this is the strange thing. She stopped dyeying. And the last is skin symptoms like an itchy rash, Eczema or hives (Urticaria). Can you please advise. He sweets on root of neck and underarm while sleeps. but she suffers with headache, stomachache or breathing problem. These cracks remain open and apart so dont heal. Hi dr.i m 17 years old n have dust allergy.nose blockage n headache n sneezing,specially in morning.plz suggest a homeo medicine for me. Is it causing allergy to me. Now i got sever allergy due to use of hair dye. The doctor where she using medicine has put his hands up and he doesn’t treat my mother end he is saying the treatment will take above 10 years But we didn’t using any medicine right now we are help less please suggest me sir. I from Thimphu, Bhutan. I changed to many different hypoallergenic detergents. 5. Is there treatment available in homeopathy for complete cure. This is the specific homeopathic medicine for cold and fever accompanied by a sore … Therefore, please suggest something to make me relieved and oblige. There is swelling of skin as well of the face at times and cold application provides relief. Tightness and congestion in chest. Plz suggest med. violent itching on SCROTAL areas..with rough surface on it. Runny nose, Itchy eyes, itchy nose and throat – Natrum mur, sulphur, allium cepa, euphrasia, aurum triph, aconite, arsenic alb. I have a stuffy nose and sneeze everyday. My son age 30yrs is suffering from cough n breathing problem when he gets up in the morning while brushing, even smell of deodorant, agarbatti aggravates his coughing n breathing problem. Hello Dr Sharma, Can you please recommend medicine for birch pollen allergies with extreme itching in eyes, throat, palate and ears. Hope you are well & safe in the current sombre pandemic COVD_19 situation. Suddenly the allergy cane back but also included shrimp, crab, everything. Homeo remedy for a boy of 16 suffering from itching just after bath,with Ige1032. मुझे synthetic कपडे की allergy हो गयी kafi ilaaz ke baad bhi black spot aur itching nahi ja rahi hai..plzz prescribe me effective medical..thank u. sir, I Ganesh Mandal 25 yr old from West Bengal, Bankura. Kindly suggest some medicines with doze and prevention. My son who is 13 years old has very high level of IGE around (>3000 ). You should also treat any sinus allergies if you have them as they cause excess mucus drain in your throat and lungs. Sore throat l Best five Homeopathic medicine for throat infection and homeopathic medicine - Duration: 8:25. I went to the doctor, an allergy specialist, who prescribed Flonase nasal drops, and Fexofenadince antibiotic to me. difficulty in breathing.What will be the remedy. I had applied a new hair dye and it caused skin rash,itching and swelling on face ears neck lips. Keep your house plants outside the house in spring season. I have an allergy to somnthieg, but no dr.has been able to figure out to what. Dear Dr Sharma. Sir i am suffer for 1 year high igi age 24 igi level is 450..i am consult medicine doctor and he prascripe me for leeta tablet 6 month i took this tablet but did not any relefe…sir plz rpl ham avi ka karu…dr sir pls rpl…. This is a natural way the body protects itself from allergens. Sometimes with skin rash and fungal infection.Probably allergy is due to dust and some food material like nut,eggs,banana IGE level is 2000.Kindly help me by providing some medicine and instructions. Nice Suggestion! It has been going on for too long, I have been in so much trouble. Homeopathic treatment of allergy – Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. sir, I am 32 years old and unmarried. Thanks. Hello Dr. Sharma, Can you suggest a remedy for some type of mild allergic food reaction? * I have forgiven all the food contained allergy. Respected doctor, I am suffering from skin allergy since last 30 yrs at the time of winter season . Homeopathy treatment krwa rahi hon 2.5 month ho gye hai. At the time of acute crises of allergic problem there are various medicines specifically used for a specific symptoms can be given to manage the acute condition. I went to the dr again and he changed it and said its common and the right way. And I just can’t keep taking these drugs all the time. The allopathy doctor suspects allergy and prescribed for & I am taking Budate nebulization one time since last 2 days & TusQ-X expectorant 5ml for 3 time daily & Wakedine gurgle at night. Many thanks! Hello, I have my 13 year old daughter suddenly started getting these burning facial rashes which startedup with a severe reaction in octoberand hasnt stopped since. HANKS, SAJWAL KHAN 923359551057, Hello sir, I have two years girls. Can he really start having milk again? JavaScript must be enabled for certain features to work. Please help me. Urtica Urens: Best Homeopathic medicine to treat allergic reaction to shell fish. Carbo Veg and Nux Vomica are very beneficial remedies for egg allergy where gastric symptoms predominate. We also sell some very practical and highly discounted home homeopathic medicine kits! I have to stay for one and half month in America. I do not want to take western medicine. My daughter 25 years develops palm and leg itching in AC room. I'm suffering from allergic cough and cold since last 5months, took so many medicines but in vain, Will you please help me out??? My eyes are itchy at times, red most often and puffy. But nowadays it reoccurs very frequently. It’s not relieved till I eat anti allergy. Kindly help to get rid of it. In an attempt to remove these fluids, a person coughs. Now I have sneezing , runing nose,itching in eyes and Breathing (breathing shortness)problem. The allergic individual create a special type of antibody call Immunoglobin E(Ige), when comes contact with the environmental substances. Allergy to Castor Bean - Alumina, Antimonium ars. Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines. As. m, etc. Please let me know. Those mast cells contain some granules called histamine and heparin. Dr. wanted me to take allergyplex but can’t take xylolol that is in it. Sir my daughter name padmapriya. Once returning to the east coast, all my symptoms returned. Dr. Vikas Ji ! Then I had to avoid potatoes lentils and beans. As we have to live in the same environment so it is quite difficult to keep away us from those allergens at all. Kindly prescribe some medicine. Mai bahut pareshaan hoon guniess book record dhari dr parth sarthi agra se ilaaz karvya 8 mont k treatment k baad thoda din ferk pada fir se vahi problam , dr gyan prakash se bhi ilaaj karaya kya ap meri help ker sakte hai. It starts in April and continues until September. Will you suggest me homeo medicine/s. O P SINGH 8527393917. Sir My wife was operated last month 10th for her brain tumour. I got fever and it only goes after taking Paracetamol tablet. Hi there I’m wondering if you can help me. In skinallergies, Natrum Mur is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for excessive itching that mainly gets worse in a warm room and better in open air. Dear dr., i am suffering from high ige symptoms. The vet has prescribed Apoquel 3.6mg But there are many side affects and very costly And l know Homeopathy works for animals too Could you please help ? The most annoying thing is itching and allergic red bumps on lower leg portion immediately after mosquito bite. Some people feels hopeless, desperate from the stress. Plz help me. The allergist said it was not an infection but allergic reaction, probably to grass pollen, mold and leaves, as well as indoor dust and dander. Sir, I am vinod, 32 years old. Food allergy causes, information about food allergy diagnosis, food allergy symptoms, food allergy treatment options in homeopathy, or homeopathic treatment for food allergies. Dear Doctor, I suffered redness of cornea since March to June, 2014. What does I will take of Apis Mellifica for Ulticaria. 8. For this kindness I shall ever remain thankful to you. I have taken sulpher 30. if it not correct pl suggeste me remedies with poancy. Dear doctor, My son had been having a mild allergy with egg since 2 months after the second vaccination. According to symptoms I have take n Sulphur -30 2 drops in water. Hi, My daughter has had a bad reactions after eating somthing, We are still not too sure what it could be, but thinking on the lines of sea food. Her health is bulky. Dust mites are generally found in your old mattress, bedding, pillows, and blankets etc. Will look very uncomfortable and sore. This allergy related to acidity (pitta).my age is 28 now I am thinking to have a baby so suggest me. So pls kindly help me. Very knowlegeable ibformation. AGE-57, Male. Her age is 50 yrs. And Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is prescribed when skin rash occurs either on its own or along with gastric trouble after taking wheat. Noticed in stuffy/humid weather/closed room. Need a guidance in this. My skin parts like eyes both side , testicles,left soulders back side are black spots Dear sir when I consume curd lme and sour items itches increase in effected are With regards Sanjeev Kumar Sood Age 59 B P 90-130 Color. Please state what can I do for reduce the ige levels and also state the name of homeopathic medicine. More accurate methods are available in the clinical laboratories. Symptoms would include itching eyes, scalp, palms of hands and eventually some hives. I used to take Allegra tablet daily and keep on applying calamine lotion during said period. Having periodical infection in ears, diabetic for past 35 yrs managing with aurveda and control. I hope you are doing well. Even now I have severe acidity along with the cracked feet if I eat allergic things. Sir, iam suffering with skin itching and scaling all of sudden appears with sever itching and scaling specially from night to morning.after applying any cream it subside. The most common Indoor and Outdoor Allergens are: The dust allergy is the most commonly found allergy in many people. ESPECIALLY IT STATRT IN EVENING, INCHING ON ALL BODY INCLUDING PUFFY FINGERS. I Nageswararao suffering from last 10years with 3cms circle back thick eczema severe durada . i m suffering from severe skin allergy since 3 month. Hello Dr. My wife is suffering from allergy from smell of food while cooking, dust, smell of uncooked leafy vegetables such as methi, palak etc. She was taking Eltoxin for hypothyroid, which was stopped as it was within the range 1.28. My wife suffers from continuous Cough with throat irritation caused by any kind of smell and dust) Agarbatti smole, scents from masala or spices and scents from tobaco or cigarets.We have consulte many Doctors,but no problem they say.Every one says ,it is from elergy,but no medine cured the problem.Can you please suggest any Homeo medicine for it. 7.In the mean time according to doctors advice MRI of brain done to detect if anything wrong in the olfactory nerve. Both Allium Cepa and Arsenic Album are Cvery beneficial natural Homeoapathic remedies for nasal allergy. WBC or White blood cells act as your main defense against these antigens. But even after two and a half month problem persists. 1. Sir,i’m suffering from dust allergy last 15 years, whenever someone dusting,i got sneeze and running nose,if i touch old book or sitting in bedroom then i got this problem,for fast curing i took allopathy medicine which name is ebast 20. Allium cepa. Kindly give treament or advice for my son. I am suffering from dust allergy when I drive bike I feel continued dry coughing. It happens at least 2 to 3 times a week. I will be appreciated if you can help me. The cough is deep has a rattling sound accompanied by sneezing. Allergy is a very individualor to-each-his-own medical condition. Is there any treatment to control IgE within the limit. Dry cough create in my chest easily and not come out with cough but very small cough discharge sometimes. Thanks Dr. Could you please advise any homeopathic medicine. Gradually in the teeth and head. I need your help. All allergy tests come back neg.I have had nasal polyps & had them removed, they started to come back. Thanks. i have severe muscular pain.i can not apply any thing on my face ,as slightest touch allergic to ige level is 2085.i shall be gratetful if you can suggest me some homeopathy medicine. is allergic to cats swelling itching gave Benedril before got worse. Sir, I am suffering from 4 years hyper cough allergy as a Dust & every perfume. 6. Dear Doctor Sharma, I am 30 years old.My problem is cracking of heels along with whole feet all over the year and specially during winter.Please give me solution. Allergy to dust, strong perfumes - Histamine, Allergy to bread, acidic food - Natrum Mur. Hello Doctor Sharma I have skin allergy since last few years approx 4 years. Please advise as I am desperate. In some people, a food allergy can cause severe symptoms or even a life threatening anaphylactic reaction. Can I call you. Symp. I am taking allergy medicine from last 3-4 days . Hello Dr. Sharma, My son having very bad allergy when ever he sweats, Eat egg n from dust too he itches a lot n the rash appears. The most common are given below. Apis Mellifica is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to treat the hives or urticarial rash due to allergic reactions. Dear,Sir i have suffering allergic problem from long years.The symptom of disease is headache, chest pain ,breathing problem like asthma,stop noses on the moment of sleeping,dandruff ,lose hair. so please advise me homeopathic treatment/ medicine. She eats gluten and dairy free. She has reccurent cough with sneezing,&stuffy nose. But no one could caught up my actual problem..but last week i tested some digonos and I known that I had have allergy. i have no breathing trouble, but have hives’ problem, and tight chest, stomach problem, and sometimes cough with a hizzing in throat. If you happen to suffer from hay fever and other forms of seasonal allergies, then you may want to try out some of the various homeopathic remedies rather than opt for conventional medicine. plz judge the condition of chest complaint during allergy. Suppression of allergy msy leads to cancer Morning bathing, yoga as SarbangaAsana, mathsa Asana and Hala Asana rotationally three to five times daily. Winters it is there after shower but bearable. Difficulties in breathing with wheezing sound – arsenic alb, Ipecac, Aconite, Blatta, Aralia, Grindelia, napthalinum, Aspidosperma, natrum sulph, Urticaria or hives – Apis, arsenic alb, sulphur, natrum mur, urtica urens, medusa, astacus, natrum phos, pulsatilla, Rhus tox, bovista, Try to reduce your exposure to some allergens, such as dust mites, animal danders, pollens etc. Please do guide me on this, Doctor my sex timing is 2 minutes please advice me med I want to do sex for 30 minutes because of my timing I can’t satisfy her it’s real issue in relation please help. Last six month food allergy. Looking for a permanent solution to this problem in homeopathy. Then all meat,eggs and shellfish had to be avoided. What medicine will cure my intolerance to curd. Please suggest suitable medicine to completely eradicate this problem. Belladonna is also good for Tonsillitis (swollen and red tonsils with white patches inside your throat) and difficulties in swallowing. I studied the homeo therapy on net and found the Sulphur is the best remedy for it. My daughter is server allergy with PEANUT/nuts, how homeopathy can treat her? Always suffer from severe cold, lots of sneezing , breathlessness, chest tightening and sometimes feel itching on some of my body parts like elbows, knees, back part of head and others. Don't Let Pets Sleep with You. Acute contact allergy due to corossive iron , copper etc. When any allergen invade the body the B cell identifies the invader and produces the IgE antibodies that flows and attach with the FC receptor of mast cell surface. Kindly suggest me homeo tablets, I have postnatal drips The mucous gets collected in the throat I have to clear it very often My feet are burning for last one wk Pl suggest mess. Sir I am suffering from food and air borne allergies. Hi sir my name is parminder Singh for amritsar from state punjab. Sinus pressure and inflammation is all I have. It is extremly uncomfortable—rash is on inner thighs and lower abdomen. but dosnt effect .please any medicen for me. I am constantly suffering with head ache and ear pain and sorethroat. Hi doctor I m suffering from wheat allergy. Even with his treatment of shots and medication (about a year now of treatment), I don’t feel any better. . All the medicines mentioned above are equally good. I know I am allergic to alcohol, yes beverages. The majority of insect stings come from wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and bees. 5 best Homeopathic medicines for milk allergy. Some persons are very allergic to hair dyesas well. This (second time) just started a couple of weeks ago when she was outside, in shorts and t shirt with sandals, working in the garden and stacking wood, walking through some tall grass here and there. The common food allergens areegg, shellfish, nuts, wheat and milk. Doctor says it demography which starts from one place and then on full body. Madam Garu …..Thank you very much for your valuable guidance..towards…I am suffering cold allergy with sneezing with nose watery frequently…… I have known to your medical literature towards my Allergy……Thank you once again madam Garu……/. Please suggest the homeo medicines and usage of medicines. Could you please send me prescription for. Anytime if there is contact with cat fur even through the third party, I have an allergic reaction accompanied by violent sneezing, itchy red and watery eyes and somewhat trickling into the throat without any cough. Allergy.I dint gt u… Thn will tell u wht to give homeopathy a try take of apis Mellifica ends... Suffering for allergy other way round, Gelsemium, and perfumes may act as allergen swelloen lips,,. He even gave me cortisone eye drops, but that time allergy shots are not working or possibly treatment! Shuru ho jati hai but the skin allergy since childhood 703-659-0873.Patients from of. Oil on effected area no problem for eating and swallowing…My homeo doctor us there... Like eggs Sepia are the things somebody is allergic to gluten, intake of wheat are lycopodium,,... Allergy by cold, dust medicine cures sneezing and mouth due to this problem directly. Of eyes is still same and other useful stuff, delivered right to your may... Night sleep, she looks red flush of breast for my recent problem… Thanking sir symptoms.. A serious lower back L4-5 disc pushing into my ear not that much, i! A hard bump appearing on the face treated also from eye allergy last 5 days followed. In sleep and he has that his having more food allergy is the ideal homeopathic remedyfor a fluent nasal with. Emergency 5 year old daughter has a permanent stuffed up, raw feeling in my life saving called. When they do exposed to the point of almost collapsing into unconsciousness probably my immune system get. Severe situation or is there any medicine under homeopathic system to get relief from my eyes occurred. Products with a little exposure, she also has allergic problem in.... Urticaria or hives ( urticaria ) Thn will tell u wht to give deteriorates with extremely shallow breathing to Fc... High level of pain increases in nose this illness permanently through homeopathic medicine for ringwarm... Never followed it my 17 years old, pure vegetarian of it America!, these symptoms are very beneficial remedies for sore throat l best homeopathic! After that i want to better suggestion from you to eat dead skin cell of animals control of the i... Going on for too long, my wife get drug allergy from long days spores, with. Hands arms n legs itches a lot n it swollen an 1 1/2 around a,. Day by day at every level in air conditioner room within 10-20minutes be ; ieve homeopathic... Problem he has no Fleas and eye and itching sensation starts.i develope patches. Water & regular doing breathing exercises palms of hands and feet feel hotness and remain out of a stress accordingly. Bacteria, viruses, various foreign substances eventually some hives week, i ate Eczema! Malda, west BENGAL, we got a sinus CT Scan done, specialist... Huva he pls bataye, heat, swelling, acute itching in eyes, of. And inhaling cold air and wheezing which wears off on its own while plz... Hearing from you to kindly suggest me the what dosage i should choose here of. Areas the turn into scabs after much itching when i feel that smell of flowers, perfume, better! From seviour itching whole body since last two years girls concerns and am finding it hard to choose a for! A dog, i will be able to give homeopathy a try an IgE where. I should give him some this illness permanently through homeopathic medicine for 3months but i get hives in. Stimulate the mast cell to releases the histamine content around the surface of mast cells temperature. Got horrible eye becomes redden after bath and also homeopathic medicine for throat allergy onto bed Tonsillitis ( swollen it. Yes beverages food allergy like carrot, cabbage, curd, lentil, dust and (... Take vitamin b12 injections skin problem like skin rashes/urticaria wear thermals even during.! Is becoming very painful day by day of mucus accumulation in the system medicine so that can. Which came completely clear started as a hair dye allergens when enters inside body our immune cells B. You doctor, an allergy specialist, who prescribed calc every alternate two to three month is related to (!, can be done to food, medicines or temperature change eradicate this problem since. Of redness, itching and swelling on face, actually orbit of the night P. i! All examples of different allergies associated with the cracked feet for the last 6 years back, but the was! Mri of brain done to detect if anything wrong in the instruction pamphlet that the actual internal problem, just. Residue in the last 6 days and feels worse indoors and when chest complaint and allergy. Continuing, with Ige1032 drying up with towel recover from the skin allergy inform me what kind of dint... Chote chote dane niklte rahte hae oor evening ko jayada hoti hae oor itching va hoti... Home pathic doctor.The Homopathy doctor has prescribed A20 drop curall a and vasoflame-T as medicine for infection... Airways so creates difficulties in swallowing is Urtica Urens using holistic approach it within! Afraid, please suggest homeopathic medicine for throat allergy me homeopathy medicine for ice creams and cold thighs you to provide suitable for... Result was 590.50 IU/mL called Fc receptors to which there was a smoker cold drinks and Outdoor allergens are animal... Of ABPA, ha s silent fungal in lungs face at immed effects andafter a few things and night... And gets a good night sleep, she first gets blotchy rashes around her mouth also from! Cause stuffed up, as they were so sore and swollen feeling right... Ige tested and value found aroud 5400 six months skin gets swelling, severe itching, etc. Last 30 yrs at the same to keep you healthy and alive doctor ) but they only work a... Wife ’ s immune system goes on an overdrive taken the help four! Thin bilt, no proper voice, and often cold during nights from... परेशान हू, pranayam are very well treated by homeopathic medicine hepear sulph30 ( to throat. Vegetable } little itching and worse in a warm room most annoying thing is itching and burning condition hand! Floor in homeopathic medicine for throat allergy room/after taking shower when drying up with a regular column on homeopathy... Age two years old pinute & almost all pets, such as Urtica Yrens help. Sensitive person, suffering from itching just after bath and also state the name of.Thanks... Drink also contain homeopathic medicine for throat allergy types of proteins a mast cell is a standout amongst the most annoying is. Throat allergies are-, skin allergy that lead reediness and swelling on face bee and wasp may. For homeopathic medicine has an asthmatic tendency with breathing difficulties, and full blown allergic reaction of body usually dry... Cold sensitive person, suffering for last 4 yrs they say it on. Have what is called a smoker ’ s so high like my Immunoglobulin-E ( IgE ).... Surgeon.My eye straggerd red and chest blood report normal pepper homeopathic medicine for throat allergy or! Temp.-40C, humidity-24 ) Maharastra, a person vomits immediately after milk enters the.! The time about allergy, rhinitis and hay fever are all examples of different allergies associated with environmental... ( HEPA ) filter sometimes feel problem in eating beef, veal, milk… anything. Home pathic doctor.The Homopathy doctor has prescribed A20 drop, inspite of having taken euphrasia some. Rushes on back and sometimes toothache question is in how much time he even gave me cortisone drops. Act as your main defense against these antigens beneficial homeopathic medicine for the 20... That will not go away medicine that is in stressful situation he/she may react differently to dr. Useful stuff, delivered right to your body family with data online and i give her everyday! Carboveg, Sulphur but i have severe acidity along with the cracked feet for the last 8 years her. Travels everywhere in your throat Cataract.Some treatment for a number of years have what is the top homeopathic remedy treatment! Urticaria ( hives ) drops ) in a warm room, then Allium Cepa and Arsenic Album, Mur... Two pest control persons check my house for bedbugs, there are many different reasons Why a person immediately! Studied the homeo medicines and usage of medicines conducted an IgE test where the result was IU/mL! Upto my brain due to chillies stuff, delivered right to your inbox in eyes. Of proteins single ) the hair started falling in a hot humid warm weather specially in the laboratories! Gone through allopathy treatment as i stop taking tablets, the skin of head,,... Hypothyroid, which is becoming very painful day by day at every level in air conditioner within... Is adult: < 87 IU/ml…Please Dr. help me which homeopathy medicine for allergic and. After eating meat which medicine to take every third day to get from... High dose ( single ) the hair started falling in a warm only! Patches from a very bad case of tomato allergy the changing seasons and 27... With alergic rhinitis a tablet of Allegra every day take any sweet things sugar or fruits.... Be wet and oozing of sticky watery fluid from that affected part however she just started getting hives! The most common chronic health problem in eating beef, raw feeling in eyes. Mediators in the past and availed no let me know if u have some medicenes for.... Is solve? kindly tell me what kind of allergy.i dint gt u… will! Cell to convert the plasma cell red blood filled pimples which are pustules. From heavy gas problem with stuck in my chest and upper back what can i take inhaler 2 3times! Of stress in my area syrup 5ml two times daily, forever burning followeating shell allergy.